Who are we?

Fruit box delivered to your officeOur team are passionate and committed to delivering you great tasting seasonal fresh fruit, delivering the fruit what's in season so you receive the finest, freshest seasonal fruit, best for eating quality and flavour. The fruit in our boxes will change from season to season giving you a regular variety throughout the whole year.

Setting up a monthly account is straightforward all what's needed are the quantities of fruit you require, how often either weekly or daily and the date you would like your deliveries to commence.

We also deliver even more of your office essentials with the introduction of milk, tea and coffee. For a competitive quote email enquiries@fruitrunner.co.uk

Where do you deliver?

From office complexes and schools to health centres and households,  Fruitrunner serves a healthier and happier Birmingham and the surrounding areas with Free Delivery on all size boxes.

Placing your order

Order online before 10pm for next day delivery, why not take advantage of 25% off all your fruit orders for four weeks by using our promotion code Fr425.

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Each box contains a selection of seasonal fruit including bananas, pears, apples, kiwi fruit, plums, clemantines or satsumas, in the summertime peaches and nectarines will be added.

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