When was the last time you enjoyed a kiwi? If it’s been awhile, here’s 8 surprising facts about kiwifruit that may make you reconsider your produce picks.

  1. Nutrition-wise, kiwi fruits contain about as much potassium as bananas and a high amount of Vitamin C, more than oranges. It is also rich in Vitamins A and E, flavonoids and minerals. The kiwi fruit actually has twice the Vitamin E of an avocado, but has only 60% of the avocado?s calories.
  2. Though sweet, it’s low in calories.
  3. Kiwi fruits have high fiber content.
  4. Among health and beauty junkies, kiwifruits are popular ingredients in DIY face masks. Kiwis are rich in alpha hydroxy fruit acids, vitamin C, E and K. Kiwis are ideal for exfoliating, nourishing and anti-aging.
  5. The kiwifruit originated from China and was originally called the ‘Chinese Gooseberry’. The name was later changed due to the name being negatively associated with the Cold War.
  6. Did you know that the kiwifruit was named after its uncanny resemblance to the ‘fuzzy brown kiwi’ – New Zealand’s National Bird.
  7. Since kiwifruits contain up to 10% of recommended daily folate levels, pregnant ladies are encouraged to consume them for healthier babies!
  8. Kiwifruit is also packed with blood pressure-lowering potassium. In fact, a 100-gram serving of kiwifruit, that’s about one large kiwi, provides 15% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of potassium.

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