Keeping fruits to last longer, in the long run, will mean that you aren’t throwing away fruit that has moulded or gone off.

With some small adjustments, you can ensure that your fruits keep their ripeness and freshness.


Avocados contain enzymes that produce a brown pigment when exposed to oxygen, which is why that halved avocado looks unappetizing so soon after its stored. To stop this process if you add squirt a few drops of lemon or lime on your leftover avocados it will hold back the browning for a few days. meaning you won’t have to waste leftovers.


If you need some lemon juice instead of cutting it in half, then poke it with a knife or a fork to squeeze out the juice, this way you can use the lemon without drying out the entire lemon and you’ll be able to use at another time.


By separating the bananas individually and wrapping the stem at the top of it in plastic, it will stop them from ageing so quickly and leaving you with a bunch of browning bananas.


By storing your apples in the fridge, it keeps them at an ideal temperature and will make them last longer than leaving them out in your fruit bowls. This is also the best thing to do with your oranges or clementines.


Grapes have a tendency to mould due to moisture build-up. Remove grapes from the bag or container the fruit came, wash, and gently pat dry. Place on a paper towel in an open container and pop in the fridge.

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